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Frudia Green Grape Pore Control Cream 55g
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Brand Frudia
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#Sebum gets washed away, leaving only soft skin

Product Feature
- 81% Green Grape Extract in Place of Water
- Skin Irritation test completed
- Solve 3 skin concerns with a single cream
From sebum care, pore tightening, to primer effect Protect smooth skin with one cream for 365 days!
- Pore and sebum improvement shown within 2 weeks
Proved the effect of reducing the number of pores. sebum and skin texture improvement by human application tests.
- Sherbet formulation with skin cooling effect
Sherbet formulation that changes to water type when applied moisturizes the skin cooling effect.

Product Texture
- Transparent Sherbet type texture
Cream with refreshing and moisturizing feeling in unique sherbet formulation that looks like green grape is blended and
- Smooth Pore Care That Turn Into Green Grape Water Drop
As soon as apply it on our skin, it turns to water drop type and quickly get absorbed and fill up pores finely.

**100% Sebum improvement satisfaction. 100% of clinical test subjects experienced sebum reduction
**95% skin texture improvement satisfaction. 95% of clinical test subjects experienced skin texture improvement
** Number of pore reduction after 2 weeks

- Pore Skin
Bumpy skin with enlarged pores
- Oily Skin
Oily or Combination skin type
- Trouble skin
Troubled and irritation skin
- Dry Skin
Dehydrated, quick drying skin

Product Content : 55g

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