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Feature Daily care to keep your hair healthy!

1. Soft and rich foams Soft and rich foams powerfully cleanse the scalp without friction between hairs to keep your hair luminous and healthy

2. Moist cleansing formula with moisture Natural argan oil filled with Anti-oxidative substances and essential fatty acid prevent water loss without drying hair and has a cleansing effect to keep hair moist

3. Treatment ability to keep hair smooth and moist Prevents hair from becoming heavy and drooping and effectively keeps hair soft and prevents messy hair

How to use Apply product as needed and softly massage the hair and scalp. Then rinse well. 


Healthy hair care from the inside nutrient-rich protein replenishing shampoo

  • High molecular protein ingreident replenishing protein in damaged hair.
  • Rich and fine protein bubble giving a cleansing effect for clear scalp
  • Hydrating cleansing effect with hair moisturizing ingredient
  • Recovery of silky hair with just shampoo
  • Fascinating delicate fragrance of rose lasting all day long,


Discover the Nature’s Miracle: Castor Oil Revitalizes Your Hair and Scalp! Castor oil is vegetable-based oil because it’s made from Castor plant (also known as the miracle tree) seeds.

It has widely been used as a folk remedy for a long time for children whose hair does not grow well or dermatophathic patients.

Description: With natural plant ingredients, it soothes the sensitive scalp and provides total moisture for damaged hair. Ingredients like Climbazole effectively removes dandruff and Castor oil nourishes the hair with anti-oxidants.

Lathers up and washes away impurities easily, resulting the scalp and hair constantly clean and healthy.

- Excellent in preventing dandruff, breakage and split ends

- Supply nutrition to scalp and ease troubles in scalp

- Strengthens hair and gives moisture with cooling effect Performs both cleaning of scalp and hair and softly conditioning

How to use: After properly applying to hair, gently massage your scalp and wash it away with clean water.

Content: 950ml


Oriental medicine hair brand Noble Beauty ‘Chae’ of WELCOS (President Kim Young-don) released ‘Jicheong Jayang Shampoo Liquid’ with excellent effect for prevention of hair loss by prescription of quasi-drug-certified ingredient and houttuynia cordata.
By the combination of three ingredients of houttuynia cordata, perilla frutescens and green tea, ‘Jicheong Jayang Shampoo Liquid’ protects scalp and provide help to restoration by preventing and improving hair loss by stimulating hair root of hair loss-type scalp. Containing oriental ingredients like black bean, red ginseng and licorice, it also produces rich hair by making thin and weak hair healthy.
Containing quasi-drug certified ingredient, Jicheong Jayang Shampoo Liquid also alleviates scalp irritation and stress of modern people with thin hair or the ones who lose hair easily.
Product planner of Noble Beauty ‘Chae’ who is in charge of Jicheong Jayang Shampoo Liquid advised that “Jicheong Jayang Shampoo Liquid is recommended for customers with thin hair due to hair loss, customers that scalp is oily and smelly, customers with hair trouble due to alopecia scalp and the ones who feel burden by the specialized scalp care costs”.