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Confume Argan Treatment Smoothing Hair Essence (500g)
Price RM99.00
Brand Confume
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#Super moisturizing supply
#Argan Hydrating Hair Styling Serum
#Light water styling
#Different from ordinary essence oil, it feels a bit similar to essence 

-Supply moisture and nutrients to dry hair

-The light moisture care layer covers the hair and gives the hair shine

-Contains argan essential oil and aloe vera, which injects moisture into the deep layer of hair

How to use:
-After shampooing, just take a certain amount of product and apply it to the part that needs styling or hydration (dry hair can also be applied directly)

-You can use it when your hair is half dry or dry. Rub it on the end of the hair to give dry and rough hair and supply nutrients and moisture. It's also very suitable for curly hair, it can grab a little natural curvature.

Feature Lotion + highly concentrated purity 100% Argan oilâ€

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